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12-05-2010, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
something I wonder....will the BOG want to see all the inner workings of the lease agreement before approving the sale? they only approve the group itself and the arrangement he has is between him and glendale?...if so, why not approve him now like they did with reinsdorf well before he had worked things out....they even gave the twitter boys conditional approval.

why are they waiting this time?

it would seem logical that they would want to see the agrement first...but that hasnt been their policy before....why is it now.

could it really be possible to have it all done in 3 weeks?.....why do they keep sticking to that line?......that is like a millisecond in this saga.....they announce things will happen 'immediately' that take 6 months to actually do.

again, i will ask...where is the CFD?
BOG really only needs to "certify" the owner, not any lease agreement. (That's up the Hulzer to review/approve -- and the COG.)

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