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10-07-2003, 12:26 PM
Lil Viking
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A "Home Grown" Idea

Ok, I won't take credit for this idea, I was just talking on the phone with one of my buddies last night about the CBA, and some of the possible solutions. My buddy fired out and interesting idea, and I was hoping to get some feed back from some of the posters at this site regarding the general idea.

Owners want to stablize player salaries, and the quickest and easiest way to do so is a cap of some sort. So if a Luxary Cap was placed on the teams, somewhere in the $50 million range (just throwing out a number there, that is not a solid figure), with teams the go over it are penalized in some sort of fashion. But, only a percentage (how about something like 60%?) of the salaries for players that are "home grown" talents (a player that is playing for the club he was drafted by, and has never left that club) would count towards the cap.

This would promote player stability from year to year on teams, making it easier for fans to stay conected to a team. I think this would create a closer bond between teams and their fans, and would serve to reduce the unrealistic free-agent contracts that have been awarded in the past few years. If a team can develop their own talent, they are rewarded by being allowed to spend more money on those, or other players, and they are discouraged from offering big dollar contracts to players from other teams.

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