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12-06-2010, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Firegarrett View Post
thanks ponder your advice is greatly appreciated. i will likely go with an intermediate if i can find the flex i want. most websites only have 65-67 flex. i would like to get a 77. and i know if i get a 77 senior that i would have to cut it and it would be stiffer than 77. the whole thing about the 60'' to the heel makes much more sense because i knew if i got a senior i would most likely have to cut it because im not a very tall guy
No problem! You can always go to a store, find a 77 flex stick (preferably of the model you like, IMO not all sticks marked with a given flex actually feel the same), put your top hand about 3" from the top (roughly where it would be if you cut it down), then try flexing it, see how it feels. As a general note, only flex sticks lightly in stores, don't wanna go flexing the crap out of it and ruining it for future customers
Originally Posted by canuck44 View Post
I think Easton says each 2" cut from top adds 5 flex, while bauer says 10-15 for their sticks.
Yeah it's all a bit vague, but I normally go with 2" cut off = +7 flex as a rule of thumb. Regardless, it doesn't really matter, it's not like you should be leaving a stick too long just to try to preserve some extra flex.

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