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Originally Posted by bokchoy View Post
I hate that stick flexes are designed and marketed that way.

Take Bauer for example:
Int sticks are 67 flex and are shorter in length
Senior sticks are 77+ flex and are longer in length.

It is impossible for someone like the OP to get the flex he wants.
67 will be too short and unusable.
77 will need to be cut short and might turn out to be an 85-90.

I think a 80 flex would be perfect for me, but my choices are basically between 67(Int) or 90(77 cut down).

There are other brands, but same problem regardless.

It doesn't work that way. The flex is constant, no matter where you hold it. Holding it lower won't simulate how stiff it is if you were to cut it down to that length.
Technically, some companies make INT's in ~75 flex IIRC. I haven't seen any retail stores stock them though.

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