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12-06-2010, 02:34 AM
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In addition to what's been said (taking out the insoles when drying them, wiping the blades well after use), I'll add in that if you have problems with your tendon guards getting torn up, make sure not to take off your first skate using the blade of the other skate. Definitely bad for your skates, just lean over and hold the skates with your hands to take them off, tendon guards should stay in great shape unless they're defective.

Also, good skates should last ages, I'm not at all careful with my Bauer Supreme 2000s that I've been playing hockey in for about 8 years (I think), and they're still in great shape aside from being a bit flexier than they used to be. I might get some new skates soon, but only cause I want something lighter and stiffer, not cause they're breaking in any way, shape, or form. CCMs and Eastons often have durability issues in certain models, but that's only cause those specific models are terribly made, the vast majority of skates made by companies like Bauer and Graf will last a hell of a long time even if treated badly, hopefully MLXs are the same. The only piece of hockey gear I've ever had break is my stick, unfortunately I break those every few months for the most part

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