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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Not true at all, just think about the physics, putting your top hand lower will simulate the flex of a cut off stick almost perfectly. Why would it matter if there's a bit of extra stick hanging off above your top hand, how a stick flexes is all about the distance between your top hand and bottom hand, and the distance between your bottom hand and the blade. It's not like stick is flexing above your top hand, the extra bit of stick is just sitting there doing nothing, no different than if it were cut off. If you really need to prove this to yourself, try holding your stick super low (put the top hand like 3 feet down from the end), it'll be super hard to flex, just like it would be if you cut 3 feet off the end, because you have way less mechanical advantage.
If you flex the stick this way, the extra stick above your top hand also flexes, despite the fact that your top hand is underneath it.

When you flex your stick, the backhand side of your shaft compresses while the forehand side of your shaft stretches. When you cut your stick short, the ratio between the compression and tension changes and that's why it becomes less flexible. Holding a stick lower doesn't have the same effect,
and isn't a reliable way of knowing how flexible the stick will be if you cut it to that length.

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