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12-06-2010, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Youngweb View Post
One major difference between Kovalchuk and Richards - Atl was under the gun to make a trade because they offered a huge contract to Kovy and he turned them down, indicating he would not resign with them. Richards is happy in Dallas, its the ownership situation that makes everyone think they may deal him. Therefore, especially if Dallas is still in the playoff mix or the ownership issue could be settled before July 1st, they are in no need to deal him unless they are out of the playoff running. Dallas' budget is set for this year, and Richards' salary is part of that budget. The team does not need to move him unless 1 of 2 things happen;
1 - they fall out of playoff contention
2 - current lenders running the team/new owners decide the payroll for this year can no longer include his salary.

Most important to the lenders (moreso than getting a good return for Richards) is to make money, and they will not be convinced the team will be better without Richards in order to make the team more competitive for the playoffs. Therefore, to get him a team will need to overpay for him - even more than many HF team fans say they are willing to pay.

BTW, don't expect the Stars to take salary back to even things out so the other team can afford him (ie Rozsival). If they are forced to move Richards, the sole purpose as far as the lenders are concerned is to save as much money as possible - they do not want to take any kind of salary back, even if he is signed for another year (as in Rozy's case). A few more years maybe, but not 1 year.
So the Stars can't take back salary,then no proposals should include any NHL players.

Richards will have $1.7 million remaining on February 28. He has a $7.8 million cap hit. He has over $5 million remaining right now. A handful of possible playoff teams(Capitals and LA)have space to add that salary on 2/28 without needing to make other moves.

Richards is more valuable to the Stars as a player for the rest of the season and playoffs than what they will get for him as a "rental".

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