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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
Just a small note.

I remember that J. Lemaire (it was probably his last year as Minnesota's coach) gave an interview to Detroit's radio. He said that nowadays it's a lot harder to play for the guys. You have to give 100% every night to just make the playoffs. And that's the case for almost any team. In his days you could often take a night off against some weaker teams. Other lines on your team would do the job anyway.

Seriously... hockey is as competitive as it has ever been.
This is also a factor of the greater parity in the league now.

The salary cap encourages it and also the fact that there is a talent pool large enough to support all the teams helps.

In Lemaires heyday (the 70s dynasty) there was a huge difference in the talent level between the have teams and the havenots in the NHL.

I'm sure the late 70s Habs could play at 75% and still blow out the poor teams of the day.

So while I agree with Lemaire's point, I don't think that is a good indication of how good the best player in the world now is compared to the best player of the 50s,60s,70s, 80s, 90s for example.

We generally aren't comparing averages here.. we're comparing outliers.

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