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12-06-2010, 10:03 AM
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Northwestern had a good season until the last couple of weeks when the QB went down -- 7-3 after beating Iowa. Granted, though, not a strong schedule at that point. Probably doesn't hurt to have them in the Chicago TV market, either.

UConn got the automatic bid for winning the conference title.

There are so many agreements in place with these bowls that complicates the situation. Take this one (regarding Western Michigan not getting a bowl at 6-6) and how Middle Tennessee's win in the Sun Belt affected a MAC team:

The Sun Belt's secondary bowl agreement with the Motor City Bowl means a third bowl-eligible team from that league (which now has three bowl-eligible teams) has to be chosen over WMU or any other team from the Mid-American Conference that doesn't get one of the MAC's three primary bowls (Little Caesars, or Humanitarian).

If the SEC gets a second team in one of the five BCS games, either Toledo, Temple or Ohio -- all sitting at 8-4 -- will probably be left home with WMU. If the SEC gets only one team (Auburn) in a BCS game, 10 bowl-eligible SEC teams would have to share the nine SEC-affiliated bowls, and the 8-4 MAC programs would have to be chosen over one of the 6-6 SEC teams (Georgia, Tennessee or, more likely, Kentucky).
Here's a Q and A regarding Temple on

When you say its different from the tournament selection, how much of an advocate is the MAC commissioner for you? How does that process work?

“I’m not convinced that the MAC had anything to do with this. New Orleans is an entity that is independent from the NCAA and the MAC. That’s why this intrigues me as to why a priority to them would be how we did head-to-head against teams. It’s a business, and they’re trying to sell tickets and trying to draw ratings and trying to get some sizzle. If they say to me it came down to head-to-head, I stop them. It was a perfect storm (of other teams getting bowl-eligible Saturday) … It was Washington beating Washington State. It was Middle Tennessee winning. It was all of those things that caused it.”

“When they say you’re not 6-foot, don’t come around this playground, I’m devastated. I’m hurt. I can’t be 6-foot. I know I can go out there and play, but I can’t. I have no answer for that.”

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