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Originally Posted by Scottrocks58 View Post
Of course they did. The fight in court was over the preservation of the right of the league to put a team where they wanted and not have a location foisted upon them. They made no concession as to the right of Glendale to block a move out of bankruptcy, nor did they concede anything to Glendale regarding the amount of compensation due under bankruptcy law should the team be relocated.

The NHL could have given the team to Thomson for the '09 - '10 season. They could have also announced, as they did a generation ago in Winnipeg, that the season was a lame duck and that the team would go to Thomson for the '10 - '11 season.

Regardless of when the team would have been moved, before last season, before this season or before the next, the league would have been faced with (or will face) the same legal action from the COG. The failure to find an owner after 2 years would not be a consideration in judging whether damage mitigation per BK statutes applied to Glendale's claim.
I thought part of the ruling Baum handed down was that the NHL make a reasonable effort to find a local buyer.

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