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12-06-2010, 01:17 PM
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Continuing with the OPs list, again only Salt Lake City would make any real sense for the NHL if the NBA were no longer there. As for Norfolk, which is part of the Hampton Roads area, that's the only place on the list that could actually be considered now since the NBA isn't there, as well as no other major league in a metro area that's certainly large enough to support at least one major league franchise. And in addition, the Hampton Roads area has a far bit of minor league hockey history, as well as one former bid coming from there to bring an NHL team.

As for the other locations:
Tennessee already has the Predators and almost certainly can't support another NHL team; and with Nashville's struggles to support a team, at least at the corporate level, Memphis would even be more hard up.

Can anyone really imagine New Orleans as a hockey town? I can't. And with the NFL on its plate, I'd certainly think that the NBA is the next best option, if that city can in fact support two major league franchises. If the NBA were to leave town, then certainly it's not a place for the NHL.

As for Richmond, perhaps, but why choose Richmond when there's the Hampton Roads area with a larger population base and further removed from Washington.

Louisville would certainly seem like a possible option, on the surface of things, because there isn't any other major league team, not only in the city but in the entire state. But I've been well informed on previous ocassions, when I suggested Louisville as an NHL option, that the people there are totally focused on basketball, college basketball. But hey, who knows, if you give them a major league team to root for them perhaps they'd go for it, though the minor league hockey history isn't much, little to nothing recently, and inconsistant at best, not much to base much hope on.

And on that note, again Salt Lake City and the Hampton Roads area have the best minor league history among this group of cities.

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