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12-06-2010, 12:35 PM
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Well, the answer is of course that any of the above are virtually an automatic yes, should there appear a local owner who can get an arena built, who also has the cash to make team ownership and arena financing work. Besides that, all you really need to convince the BOG is a local population base deemed large enough, and a dream, as an owner. Territorial rights as a possible wild card.

The only parts of Virginia with any latent/current interest in hockey are currently served by the Capitals in the northern VA area, and the AHL Admirals in the transient US Navy area of Hampton Roads/Norfolk. Pretty barren wasteland otherwise. Solid football country, a little baseball, a little basketball.

Of that list, I really do like Salt Lake City. It might be somewhat small in terms of its population base, but that is a winter sports town and it always has been such. It's one wealthy Mormon city leader, with a penchant for hockey, away from having a NHL team, in my opinion. They have the NBA and a ready-made building, and the city has money. I think it could work.

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