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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Continuing with the OPs list, again only Salt Lake City would make any real sense for the NHL if the NBA were no longer there. As for Norfolk, which is part of the Hampton Roads area, that's the only place on the list that could actually be considered now since the NBA isn't there, as well as no other major league in a metro area that's certainly large enough to support at least one major league franchise. And in addition, the Hampton Roads area has a far bit of minor league hockey history, as well as one former bid coming from there to bring an NHL team.
Isn't the Norfolk area the biggest US tv market to not contain a major league sports team?

And I do have to admit that, even though he's getting up in years, it would amuse me to no end if John Brophy was part of a successful Norfolk bid for a NHL franchise.

As for New Orleans, the Brass were a perfectly nice ECHL team that got screwed by their arena situation, and I'd like to see a team at the 'Coast or AHL level in the city but I'm not sure the money is there to support NHL level ticket prices.

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