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12-06-2010, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Here we go again with this "sunbelt" argument. By your definition, it seems much more than a "belt" region but rather like half of the continental United States (not including Alaska).

And then to continue with that argument, it appears that you're saying that cities in the southern HALF of the US just aren't appropriate for hockey. That's a huge chunk of the US landscape that you think should be 'tierra non-grata' to the NHL. Let's see, how many teams is that that you'd be cutting out of the League:
- 3 California teams
- Phoenix
- Dallas
- St. Louis
- Nashville
- Atlanta
- 2 Florida teams
- Carolina
- Washington
with Philadelphia, Colorado, and Columbus being borderline (literally).
That's 15 teams, if you count the "borderline" ones... HALF the League.
Using your list, you need to include Pittsburgh.

The people living in St. Louis, Philly, Denver, Pittsburgh, Columbus and Washington will be thrilled to learn they are in the Sunbelt. Their economic problems are over!

The lack of understanding of the US and it's geography on this board is simply amazing!

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