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12-06-2010, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Apple A Day Kari View Post
... but that wouldn't really achieve much in the way of balance amongst the forwards. Morrow will win more battles than Neal and get the puck on 63's tape allowing him more room, but Neal will finish more plays off.
I do think Morrow and Ribs still have something together, and you may be right that Morrow is the best LW for Ribeiro. I guess the main thing I was trying to get across is that I think Ribeiro could pick up the slack in the event that Richards isn't around for the rest of, or past this season. The best fit would probably be Morrow-Ribeiro-Loui. Does it go without saying that whichever line Eriksson is playing on should be considered the top line? In my mind yes.

Originally Posted by Apple A Day Kari View Post
On the PP, I don't know if I agree that Richards is the top playmaker. Yes, he makes the most plays and touches the puck most often. I feel the only reason you have him back there is that quick release and quick pass. He has a knack for getting the puck through and surprising the opponent with the release. IMO Ribs would be ineffective in the roll Richards plays as PPQB...due his shot and his speed if he did get caught on a broken play. In much the same way, I think we are utilizing our best option in Ribs on the right side to initiate the play and create more down low.
I didn't really mean to say that Ribeiro would play the point, or QB the PP in the true definition of the term. But as things are currently, Richards gets the most touches on the PP, so he is kind of the de facto 'top playmaker' as it were. I think we're kind of saying the same thing. I do think that Ribeiro can rise to the occasion though, especially if the cast of characters he's lined up with are guys who play to his best attributes.


I didn't really know where to put this thought, and I realize the team is rolling right now so it doesn't really benefit the team a whole lot to switch things up significantly at the moment, but I figure this may be as good a place as any to put what I'm thinking .

James Neal had a monster game the other night; one of his best of the season I thought and it got me thinking. I know it's become near heresy to suggest breaking up the line of Neal-Richards-Eriksson, but I sometimes wonder if Neal wouldn't be better served playing on a line where he is more of a focal point. Specifically, I think Neal might be able to take his game to the next level and help spread around the team's offense if he were to play on a line where he carries the puck more. His game (especially his passing/playmaking ability) seems to feed off his carrying the puck up the ice with speed, something he doesn't get a chance to do very often playing with Richards.

I don't have any concrete ideas as far as the deployment of talent, and part of this would be semi-dependent upon Crawford utilizing Wandell a bit more, but off the top of my head I wonder what a top-9 like this could do...


(*Players represented by X's = Benn, Ott, Burish [in the case of Burish on the 1st line, Eriksson could slide over to the left side])

Again, I realize the team is playing well at the moment. I'm not trying to fix what isn't broken per se, just spit-balling about how to keep making the team better. Also, I realize it may seem a little strange to start out by commending Neal only to bump him down the lineup, but I really do think we could see him become more of the alpha male that he's capable of being on a more consistent basis in a scenario where he finds himself being the best offensive player on his line. I also think that his and Wandell's talents lend themselves to possible chemistry.

Thoughts? Ridicule?

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