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Originally Posted by Aaron Vickers View Post
Need a bunch of help.

There are some cheap Bauers on clearance these days and I am looking at Bauer. Always been Bauer and always will, I think.

I am looking at the following:
Bauer Supreme One95
Bauer Vapour XXV

Can anyone compare/contrast these skates for me? Just playing wing in a Calgary rec league, pretty competitive. I'm in my mid-20's but haven't bought new skates since Midget.

I know nothing about skates, as it turns out.
I have a higharch narrowish foot and vapors fit my feet perfectly. I *HEAR* the Supremes are a bit wider and when I tried on others' Supremes they were slightly wider but they had also been baked to that persons foot.

edit - try searching this section of the forums for more info btw, sure there is plenty of reviews etc on these skates, pretty popular.

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