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Originally Posted by FiveHole23 View Post
I will check the lost and found next time I play. Everyone on the team plays with senior though.
Even just going to a store and playing around with the intermediates, giving them the test flex (not too hard!). I love whippy sticks, but just from flexing intermediates in stores I can tell they'd be way too whippy for me, a 77 flex senior is just right personally. But I'm 6' 180 lbs.

Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
I'm pretty much the same build as you except maybe 30 pounds heavier. If it is true that your game relies on wristers and stick handling, are games are eerily similar.

I like to use a wooden stick, I find it gives me a harder shot, but a slower release. Stick handling is about the same as with a composite stick, depending on the wooden stick. It's all about finding the right stick. For example, I like to use a stick with a mid-heel curve as opposed to one with a large toe curve, it gives me a more accurate wrist shot.

This is the stick I used last year:

However, like I said it's about finding the stick that best fits you. I suggest going down to Sportchek or whatever and using their collection to see what fits. Test out the flex, weight and all other necessities.

Also ask if it is O.K. to try out teammates sticks, that's how I found out about that beaut ^^
Great wood stick, but they break so damn easily, if I ever eat too much ice on a slapper (happens on semi-botched one timers for me) the 5030s just explode on me in a way that no other stick I've owned ever has.

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