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12-06-2010, 10:57 PM
Ollie Queen
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Merch Question

Hey guys. Rangers fan here. Always enjoyed the Blue Jackets as a team that I don't see a lot of but like to see doing well and will watch play whenever I have the opportunity. Caught you guys beat the Isles in OT when I was home on LI over Thanksgiving. Anyhow, I have family in Ohio who have a hookup with the Blue Jackets - I actually may be moving to Columbus in about a year, possibly less, as my aunt is setting me up with an interview with her connection and I may end up working in PR for you guys - and I was interested in getting something Jackets related for Christmas since it would be easy for them to pick up. I was just curious, living in NY and having never been to a game in Columbus, what players you guys have readily available on your merchandise (like player tees and such) at the games?

I figure Nash and Mason are givens, but I was hoping to go outside the box a little and I really like Vermette and Voracek. I was just wondering if either is available in the stores. I figure I have a decent chance with either considering one has a bright future and the other wears a letter. Just curious as the holidays approach (the relatives are flying in for Christmas).

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