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12-06-2010, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
The point is not lost, better coached and faster players are all playing defense in todays league making goals harder to come by.

In every game today's skilled superstars are playing agasint entire teams playing defensive systems and the speed level or difference has narrowed big time making it much harder for the skilled players to seperate themselves from the pack.

Back in earlier days and even with Wayne and Mario, this simply was not the case or at least the level was lower. We can see this by just watchign most any game from the early 80's to most of the games today.

Actually...the point was completely lost on you.
I wasn't even referring to goals being harder to come by, I was referring to how the speed of the game and the salary cap does just as much to water down the overall talent in the league as limited rosters spots did in a 21 team league.

Once again, no one is saying that Gretz or Mario push 200+ points today, all that's being said is that both of them would still bury Crosby's point totals.
Also, Gretz and Mario played against the other teams best defensive D pairing on a regular basis as well as getting their own personal "shadow" so it's not like they just got to run around free wheeling as you're inferring.

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