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12-06-2010, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by CavemanLawyer View Post
End his career? I hate the guy as much as the next, and was VERY out spoken when the whole hiding information-gate stuff broke, but you can't league wide black list the dude because of it. Ramifications such as voiding the ****ing ******** contract were things I was pushing for, not banish the guy from the league Barry Bonds style.

And... just in case, to make myself look awesome, or an ass - I called it. When everyone was saying 'bye bye Booshy boy', I was one of the few standing proud saying the 'Thai Leighty boy' is more likely on his way out instead.

Flyers are one of the few organizations with uh... integrity? that really take care of their players in my opinion. Due to this, I think, they will keep Boosh for him being professional in these past years and axe Professor Leighton for how he backstabbed with a D20 on THAC0 of -3 with a steel dagger +1'ed the organization. Man finals destroy my thought process.
I'm not necessarily advocating for his banishment league wide...I'm just saying Philly was his best chance and he effed it up royally by first imploding in the finals with a lousy 80% save percentage and having the keebler elf look-alike Niemi outplay him and then trying to hide the fact he janked up his back. I mean the guy has a lot of strikes against him notwithstanding he was professionally challenged to begin with. He may by default be blacklisted or he'll just go back to being a journeyman player pin balling around the league. There is still a chance he sticks with the team but unless Bob or Boosh go down to injury (god forbid) he seems like the one on the out.

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