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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
All on Klein? Really? How about two guys going to the puck once it's taken away from Klein leaving Bogosian all alone? How about no one on the bench getting him a stick? How about the play was at center ice and they had him surrounded with no where to move the puck to. While he could've tried to hold it against the boards, would've been a smarter play, no one else did anything of note either that prevented Bogosian from scoring.

While it's easy to pile on Klein for this mishap, how about being up 2-0 on the road and not finishing? This goes back to what I've been upset about for years, we can't put away a team when we have them down. We also can't win a faceoff, draw it back to the point and shoot the puck into traffic. Two goals tonight off of faceoff wins by Atlanta. Same thing that happened against Chicago in the playoffs. These are not new concepts. We have guys with good shots from the point yet we rarely win important offensive zone faceoffs to get the puck to the point to allow these guys to shoot while the other team is getting set and even when we do get it back there, our guys settle the puck down and start passing it around as opposed to firing it on net.

We're also going to sit here and blame one poor play on losing the game? How about Ward not being able to finish in front of the net shorthanded? What about Sully not shooting and passing to O'Reilly instead of firing a one timer while having half the net to shoot at? Either of those go in the game is probably over and we are going to Detroit with two points. Easy to point out one mishap but I'd say Franson had a much worse game overall. How many times has he tried passing the puck to the middle of the ice still? How about bad penalty when he should've passed the puck long before it was taken away from him? As much as I'd love to agree with you, we had chances to put this game away and we didn't. We lack the killer instinct. Always have, always will.
I never said the loss was Klein's fault just the last goal. I would say faceoffs and sloppy and dangerous passing in our zone were the biggest factors in us losing the momentum and getting away from what worked in the 1st period. Shooting the puck while taking away Pavelec's eyes.

But yes Klein is at fault for that last goal. He has several seconds to make a decision which in NHL time is a lifetime. Literally sitting on the puck would have been better than just sitting there for a few seconds and then feebly trying to kick the puck when the ATL player was right on top of him. Because of his brain fart the ATL player was able to chip the puck around him. Because of Klein's inaction the D is surprised and back on their heels. Literally everyone was waiting for him to do SOMETHING and he did nothing. Now all of a sudden you got attacking ATL players coming down with speed on D-men who are standing flat footed and completely surprised. That's not the D's fault.

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