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10-07-2003, 02:16 PM
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Oilers' Coaching Staff

Lowetides' post on Lowe's abilities as a GM garnered almost no response at all so I don't know if anybody has opinions on MacTavish and Co. or not.

Lowe called his re-signing of MacTavish the most important priority this team had last spring. Since that time he has added Craig Simpson to the mix as well. We now have one of the largest (if not the largest coaching staffs in the league with MacTavish, Huddy, Moores, Simpson and Peeters. Three of the five have significant ties to the glory years and Moores has big ties to the community. Peeters is a bit of an anomaly but to be honest I don't know how involved he will be this season in the day to day.

I have posted earlier that I think that the training camp was the most professional I have ever attended but that said I would also say that at this point the expectations of MacT and his assistants are legitimately higher. They no longer can expect the luxury of claiming to be learning the job with the exception of Simpson.

There are things that I really like about MacT. He is usually controlled behind the bench and I believe in the room. I think this is key to longevity in this business. Ranting and raving usually has a short shelf life. I am very impressed with the 'team first' attitude that I see with all these guys. Ego has never seemed to be a problem for any of them. X's and O's? I assume that is Moores primarily but don't know. Everybody says he and Simpson will work on the pp (dreadful and frustrating last year).

My question? How do you rate our coaching staff?

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