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Blacklist is such a formal term. I agree with DrDoom that Leighton was already a toss-up for most GMs as it was.

Originally Posted by CavemanLawyer
Professor Leighton for how he backstabbed with a D20 on THAC0 of -3 with a steel dagger +1'ed the organization.
Dungeon Master: You gained 4000 XP from the Stanley Cup playoffs, and have reached 5th Level Starter. However, you remain injured from the Taped Blade of Five-Hole. You are offered a contract by Paul Holmgren. What do you do?

Michael Leighton: I quaff a potion of Non-Suckage and try my special-attack backstab.

DM: Roll for your attack.

ML rolls a 1.

ML: Crap!!

DM: You trip on the Stanley Cup-winning puck, which is still sitting at your feet, and you manage to (rolls dice) stab yourself between the 4th and 5th vertebrae. Make a saving throw, please.

ML rolls a 1 again.

ML: Crap!!!!!!

DM: You take (rolls dice) 4-6 weeks of damage.


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