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12-07-2010, 09:23 AM
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Ok, Strike One for Alex.

We saw this same type of thing degenerate in L.A., dont go down that road Fro - or maybe go right ahead so we dont have to resign you.

Tortorella is one of the most honest coaches. He rewards players who play. I thought even though Frolov wasnt scoring early on, he was building and getting better. Torts left him up top. Fro got a couple goals and right when he should have spiked his game up another notch he got a little lazy.

Now i can't say the work ethic hasnt been there for Frolov. The guy isnt a Callahan but he'll work hard a majority of the shifts out there. The problem with him is, he's great at controlling the puck in the corners but thats it. He seldom carries the puck in open ice, and gets into prime shooting positions. Its extremely frustrating as a fan because the guy has a 40 goal type of shot, yet he cant get into the correct areas of the ice to use it. Hes not taking it to the net, hes not using the D-man as a screen. He might as well be Brandon Prust. In fact, Prust is getting more quality chances on a nightly basis then Frolov. Thats when you have to assess what the team is giving you, and Torts does just that.

I'm positive John has requested this from Frolov. And if you notice, even though Fro is on the bottom line, Torts will give him time on the 2nd PP unit and double shift Gaborik on a line with him and Anisimov (uh, pretty much a first line there). Granted, its not for extended periods but its a chance. He hasn't buried him. He's got to make the best of his time hes got. How is that "completely unacceptable" ??

Avery didn't complain and he worked himself through it. Stepan did the same. Anisimov will rebound. How are you any different Alex? Show us.

I dont care what kind of arrangement Slats and he hashed out when he signed here, but he will get his shot again up top. Prove it to the team you belong there. Its not like Torts likes the fact hes got that kind of talent on the 4th line. Hes capable of scoring huge goals for this team and would be a HUGE boost if he did. But i dont care what kind of arrangement you had, you have to go out and do it.

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