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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Never said they were the same value and I don't take raw totals at value but neither do I take adjusted craps at value either especially when dealing with outliers like Wayne and Mario.
It's actually ridiculous to sit there and say Gretzky loses upwards of 60 points in a given year while other top 10 scorers from the exact same year only lose 10-15 points, it just doesn't make any sense.

The percentage everyone loses is the same, so it makes perfect sense.

Ummm...the wingers Devil mentioned were from Mario's 199 season...nuff said.

Rob Brown had tremendous offensive talent, anyone who watched him regularly and knows the guys history is aware of that. Crosby has never had a regular linemate with offensive talent that compares to be honest with you..

Dude...even using your adjusted craps at face value, Gretzky is still what, 200-250 points ahead of Crosby at the same point.
That's 40-50 points a season for pete's sake, give your head a shake son.
The total amount Crosby is ahead of the Yzerman's is pretty much what Gretzky is beating him by per season heh.

Then you take into account their linemates, defense, and the greater parity in today's league and the gap is not so huge.

I've said a couple times now, I have no problem trying to find some middle ground with you but all you want to do is stick with extremes.

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