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Originally Posted by Infinite Vision View Post
The percentage everyone loses is the same, so it makes perfect sense.
Gretzky and Lemieux are not the same though, why should they be subject to the same percentage as the players far below them.
The 5th best scorer in the league only loses 5 goals and then you have the gall to say Lemieux and Gretzky would lose 20-30 goals...gimme a break dude.
That is just ridiculous.

Rob Brown had tremendous offensive talent, anyone who watched him regularly and knows the guys history is aware of that. Crosby has never had a regular linemate with offensive talent that compares to be honest with you..
Oh I forgot, Recchi, LeClair, Palffy, Sykora and Malone are all crap.

C'mon dude, Brown was a great junior player but his only top end seasons in the NHL were on Mario's wing and he couldn't hold down an NHL job only 4 years after that.

Then you take into account their linemates, defense, and the greater parity in today's league and the gap is not so huge.
What are talking about, according to you and Hardy, every player in the league is superior today so if anything Crosby has had much better linemates.

All this from a guy that believes Forsberg would more than double his goal production and beat Mario in assists if he played in the 80's....not unreasonable at all

When all is said and done and you take away all the modern advancements in training, coaching and equipment you are left with talent and instinct and no one compares to Mario, Gretzky and Orr in those area's.
The end.

Like has been said a million times now, if your "theories" held any weight then there is no possible way that Mario should of been able to do what he did less than a decade ago and there is absolutely no chance in hell that Lidstrom should even still be in the league let alone still holding top 5 recognition.

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