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12-07-2010, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
Not much to predict here, really. The Cap has gone up EVERY YEAR because the NHLPA demands the five percent inflator increase. Its stupid to think it wont go up. Why would the NHLPA not want to exercise its right which adds to its members ability to get more dollars? Thats what their primary function is.

And for anyone who buys into the concept that the cap won't always continue to rise, please PM me, as I am selling luxury condo investments in the Gobi desert!

You're probably right. Sturm will still be coming off an injury, it can still be viewed as dumpster diving and AEG saves a few sheckels by waiting, not that I mind, as I dont really want him anyway.
Actually, the rising cap has been consistently linked with the strength of the Canadian dollar. Much of the leagues' revenue comes from the Canadian teams, so that more than makes up for the lack of revenue coming from the Sun Belt markets that are struggling. If the Canadian dollar were not as strong compared to the American dollar, the cap would not continue to increase.

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