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12-07-2010, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by hatedandproud View Post
YEAH...darn it klein....why didn't you use your special morping powers and morph your feet into hockey sticks, you dummy you!

Yes, he should have just put a skate on either side and tried to freeze the puck, but the atl player actually poked the puck out of there before he even tried to kick the puck.
Really, I put more of the blame on Wilson. He shouldn't have gone over to that side of the ice. If he had stayed in position there would have at least been someone over on that side of the ice to cover bogo.
Yes Klein was waiting for some help but he had enough time to grab a stick, get a change, any plethora of things! Simply put he can't let the guy poke the puck by him like he is not even standing there. He literally had seconds to make some sort of a decision and did nothing. By the time he went to act it was too late. You tie the puck up in your skates and wait for help at the very least. That's simple hockey 101. You guys can make all the excuses you want for him. He was the main cause by far on the last goal.

If Klein had tied the puck up and didn't get any help from Ward or Wilson then yeah I wouldn't have blamed Klein at all but his inaction gave nobody a chance. Just a total brainfart by Klein.

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