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12-07-2010, 01:02 PM
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Vapor XXV are equivalent to the current x:40, not x20 or x30 as said before.

Are you talking about the Supreme 70's from 06 or this years Supreme one70's? I would assume 70's from 06 if you are talking about closeouts.

The best skates are gonna be the ones that fit your foot the best, but if you want to talk about a strict comparison between supremes and vapors, I find the vapors to be far superior skates.

In my experience, vapors are a more responsive skate. They put you more on your toes and the boot allows for better forward flex. Supremes put you more on your heels and the boot feels more dead to me. I don't get near the acceleration in supremes as I do in vapors, and my skating becomes more upright because I don't get as much forward flex and knee bend.

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