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Originally Posted by Torquenstein View Post
Can someone please explain me what the magic with t-blades is. I never understood why the might be better than other skates.
Consistent sharpening/edges. Cheap and quick to replace if you're unsatisfied with the sharpening or I'm not sure but I think also if part of the holder broke? Never wore them myself, my LHS was big on them and pushed them for awhile.

T-blades were really light in terms of weight and came out around/just before the skate industry got into lighter materials for their skates so they were advantageous in terms of weight - especially as the wearer's skates absorbed moisture towards the end of a game and contributed to an already heavy skate.

Skate boot materials have dramatically improved over the past 10 years, along with holders/steel construction + weight -- sorta made T-blades almost an inconvenience now [except for Graf I think they actually bought the T-blades company - just overheard some guy at my LHS say it but was never really interested enough to check]. There are still some devoted guys rocking them. I think Jochen Hecht still wears them or at least did in the past 2 seasons.

I'm curious about the OP though, what type of skates you wearing? Most complaints nowadays about blade quality/sharpening frequency are from Graf wearers and the steel Graf uses. I'm a big fan of the Tuuk Lightspeed 2s steel, I only ever sharpen my skates about once every 12-15 skates.

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