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12-07-2010, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Pittburgh has great management. You simply lose for 10 years and be the worst franchise in hockey such that they want to move you to Kansas. Then the NHL somehow gives you Sidney Crosby during the "lottery" and voila - magicly you have great management. They did add some great pieces to a young team not yet making huge money, brilliant. If you want us to suck for 10 years to do the same, great. Not me. In the Detroit and Phiilly system, you spend your money, attract free agents, make deals and contend every year. You need to win all year to get a good playoff spot. We have cap problems - look at the rest of the league:

Team Cap Space
New Jersey Devils 0
Vancouver Canucks $0
Philadelphia Flyers 0
Calgary Flames 0
Boston Bruins 0
Pittsburgh Penguins $164,202
Detroit Red Wings $0

SO it ain't like Homer is alone in this....
It's pretty well established -- across all sports -- that the majority of management teams aren't exactly filing applications as the "best and the brightest."

Also... the current FO in Pittsburgh wasn't really running the ship when they got Crosby and co., you're aware of that, right? They certainly have benefited from the draft picks -- oh, and BTW, it isn't a bad strategy to improve your organization through the draft -- but they weren't winning the Cup two years ago without some very heady moves at the deadline.

When Detroit won the Cup prior to that, they did have a good deal of cap flexibility, as it was prior to all of their contracts coming due and it killing their cap space. Since then they've started to lose bits and pieces of their depth with regularity... and while they remain talented, that's an old roster in key spots and it will probably catch up with them as we go along here.

Of course comparing the Detroit and Philly "systems" is comical for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the number of banners one team has accumulated.

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