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12-07-2010, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Richards is a mix of Drury and Gomez, probably in a positive way -- but still.

I remember when Brian Rolston were discussed, it was all stats and abilitys then too. Not many considered the unique role he had in Minny.

To win something, you don't need players that can do this and that, you need players that can line up against a player on the other team seven straight games, and win that battle.

With Richards, we need to be aware of what we are getting. What he can do is to deliver. In a huge majority of all play-off matchups we see these days though, its not even remotely about what side is "delivering", its only basically about winning the momentum battle. The better team wins. A simple formula is that a player like Richards don't make a team better, and makes a equal team win a thight game though.

Put Richards on Washington or Pittsburg and I would venture to bet on him winning the CS again, put him on a weaker team, and I would venture that he would disapear.

I personally, everything considered, think that LeCavalier fits better into what we have in NY. He would make the entire team better.
The Conn Smythe gets awarded to the most valuable player and best player in the playoffs. Richards won that, not Lecavalier.

Richards absolutely is a player that makes his team better.

He plays the point on the PP, he can play in any situation, he's a leader, and he produces.

But forgetting all that...

Lecavalier is an albatros because of his contract. Its one of the worst contracts in this sport's history. He's making 10 million dollars each of the next 6 years, including this year. And then 8 million after that. A 36 year old making 8 mil?

And despite his contract, he isn't even a top line player on his own team. Stamkos is their top line center. Lecavalier will be a 10 million dollar second line center for the next 6 years. And then he will be an 8 million dollar 2nd-3rd line center after that at age 36.

And ontop of that God awful contract, a team would have to give up a slew of young talent and top draft picks to trade for him.

Lecavalier is just about the last thing this organization needs.

Richards at 7 mil per year as a UFA is infinitely better then Lecavalier.

Richards>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lecavalier as far as the Rangers organization is concerned.

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