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12-07-2010, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
This aint working. Time to shake things up. Two trades that would make us a contender in the near future.

Trade 1.
Drury, Rozsival, Frolov, McD, and two 1st round picks for Kaberle and Komisarek.

//In terms of contracts, the A and O of any deal these days, Toronto trades 4 years of Komisarek, their 6th D on many nights, at 4.5m per, for 1 year of Drury. And Kaberle for Rozsival and Frolov. The picks and McD is in there to spice it up. Toronto gets a D who can provide what Komisarek is providing now, in a year or two, but much cheaper, in McD and Burke gets back som picks. After next year, Toronto opens up a lot of cap room when everyone they got is off the books.

I am sure Drury would waive his NMC to get to Toronto and to get out of NY.

Trade 2.
Kaberle and Anisimov for LeCavalier, Dom Moore, Randy Jones and a 2nd round pick.
//Its Stamkos team now. I know that Yzerman would love to have a D like Kaberle in Tampa. He have seen Lidström move the puck for Det for years, and while Kaberle aint Lidström -- he can move the puck. I can't see Tampa turning down this package.

Call Up/Demotion
Send down Gilroy and call up MZA.

Unit 1
Prospal-LeCavalier-MZA//A strong experienced 1st line. In that role, MZA would be able to play his game, and would give this team a level of creativity we have not seen in a while. As MZA grows into his role, Prospal on the left wing, or whoever fills in for him, can be replaced by a more unexperienced player. LeCavalier would be awesome to have. Many talk about the kid like he is old, but he is only 31 y/o. He have 5-6 years of top notch hockey in him. One of the best PP-players in the league.

Unit 2
Avery-Stepan-Gaborik//Behind a real 1st line center Stepan would get a lot more comfortable. Good mix on this line. They would be lethal going up against the "2nd best" the other team have.
MDZ-Komisarek//I can see this D-pair grow.

Unit 3
Dubinsky-D. Moore-Callahan//This line would have awesome energy. Would be one of the best 3rd lines in the league.
R. Jones-M. Sauer//Torts get his D-pairings, and a old pall in Randy J.

4th line

Callahan-Stepan-Gaborik//Would be a awesome PP. LeCavalier can run a PP with the best of them. Cally brings the righthanded shot (a weakness on my roster above). Stepan would raise to the occasion as the playmaking center down low.

Our top 3 lines would be very very strong. Our PP would be great. We would add some toughness on the blueline.

Our farm:
We would have a tremendously young team in the NHL. On LW we have Grachev in the farm, on RW we have Kreider. We wouldn't have much on the blueline, untill McI arrives -- but our top 4 in the NHL have like a avg age of less then 25... I don't think we would miss the two firstrounders much. With Gabby and Hank in their prime, with Staal, Dubi, Cally and co establishing themselfs, our time isn't to contend in 6-7 years, its in 2-5 years.

We loose draftpicks and gain capspace.
The first trade is flat out disgusting! 2 First rounders????

Drury/Rosy/Frolov for Kaberle/Komisarek ...Why dump the Picks and McDonough?

For the second trade...How would more and his anti-tough guy attitude effect the room? Team has bonded together pretty good under under Prust and Boogey's watch. Why mess that up?

On LeCavalier, I like him. He could work here, but the cap hit for the lenght of his contract is atrocious.

At the end of the day you are trading away way too many assets to land an aging center who has a tremendous cap hit. Added a 4.5 million dollar defenseman that plays no better than Steve Eminger does.

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