Thread: PGT: Habs beat Sens 4-1
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12-07-2010, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Where did I ever say PK didn't learn his lesson yet? Where did I ever say PK made us lose more games than he won us? I have never bashed PK, he's been my 3rd favourite player behind Price and Cammy.

But you know what, I said for the team to play Halak last year during the regular season more than my favourite Price cuz he was winning us games. I am Montreal Canadiens fan, I'm not a player fan. I cheer for the team.

If we can bench Subban for 9000 games and win the cup, I am all for it. I care about the team. Last year, playing Halak over Price meant we won games. I stand by that decision.

I never once complained when we traded Halak cuz I KNEW Price's ceiling was higher. I knew Price was the better goalie. But Halak helped us win more last year.

You know what, benching Subban was the most important thing for his development. I guarantee you, he will tell you that himself. Subban will look at his play in the first 10 games of this year and he will say it was a good thing Martin benched him..

Seriously, try to prove me wrong.
You pretty much bashed PK when you said "With pk out of the lineup, Price didn't have to be a big factor"

I'm all for keeping him out until the current core shows weakness. If you watched the game tonight and saw the PP's we had, you would see our weakness, and Subban can help there more then someone like Picard can.

I also don't doubt that his benching won't help Subban, he's very humble and likes to overcome adversity, this will make him a better hockey player, but the negativity and hate you showed toward him in your first post was completely out of line.

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