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Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
Yeah but there is an interview on youtube where wilt says the celtics would have won fewer rings with him on the team instead of russell. He says he would have taken away the amount of shots that heinsohn and sam jones were taking and bill was the missing piece that they needed. How many rings did bob cousy win before bill arrived? ZERO.
I've seen that interview, and also interviews where Wilt said that he would have won as many championships had the roles switched, and even one where Russell said that Wilt could have played his role better than he did. Hardly conclusive evidence. They became good friends later in life and were known to greatly praise each other. I even agree that Russell was a better fit for that team, just like Rodman was a better fit for the Bulls in the late 90s than someone like Olajuwon would have been. I don't know what Cousy has to do with anything in this context. There is no need to discuss Chamberlain and Russell anyway, since there is enough video for anyone to go watch them play head to head and watch Chamberlain dominate Russell.

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