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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
One of the reasons for this is that the league scoring levels decreased as these players aged. For example, Gretzky scored 97 points in 1997, which looks like a huge decrease in production compared to his 1986 peak of 215 points. If you adjust this it works out to something like 135 points. That's still a big drop, but a significant component of the perceived drop in Gretzky's peak is simply due to the fact that the league as a whole became lower-scoring as he aged.

In other words: his adjusted stats decreased over time, but at a much slower rate than the decrease in his unadjusted stats.

Also, the human body deteriorates with age. The fact that Gretzky scored less at 35 compared to 25 is not at all surprising -- all other things being equal, age alone would cause him to score less with age even if he played in leagues of the same quality. Not sure how old you are, but you will experience this yourself as you age and pass your physical peak.

I'm confused - you said that Gretzky was never asked to play defense. Then you say he scored a lot of empty net goals - typically players can only do this when they're on the ice to protect a lead late in a game. Which is it?
I'll take your last point 1st as I watched Wayne beat up my Canucks a ton in the early 80's.

Greztky was never asked to play defense, even when he was out late in the game the only thing he wass concerned about was scoring goals or getting points for the team. the Oiler motto, especially early on was to win game 7-5.

Also to your 1st point I understand that the league was moving to less goals scored per game and more competitive night in and night out, some over posters just don't want to admit these changes.

Mario "peaked" really early at age 23 in actual stats but was still a monster in his entire career, probably the most pure skilled guy to ever play the game IMO.

And yes I'm fully aware of how the body breaks down, I'm in my early 40's and do a semi manual job and still play ball hockey competitively once a week and recover the 6 days after wards.

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