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12-07-2010, 11:36 PM
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The guy was cut, so in order to go back in, he would have had to be extraordinairy....clearly he wasn't. But it doesn't tell the whole story as far as what he can become later....but I have no freakin idea where that offensive side of him was suppose to happen. No idea whatsoever.

At the draft, we were NEVER getting a 2-way d-man. Ever. At best, we were clearly getting a big top 4 d-man with a good first pass. AT BEST. What's happening right now is that those traits are still a work in progress. Nothing is and was ready for this upcoming World Juniors but seems to me nothing was ready for the OHL either. Not a big fan of some markets in the US and didn't especially not want him in Notre-Dame IF they had any chance to improve his offensive side of his game but clearly, he is not going to do that in the OHL either.

No time to panic. It was a safe 1st round pick by Timmins. We will see how it will turn out LATER. 'Cause Worlds Juniors are not the end of the road. I mean, with a little luck, we could end up with Gallagher in the Worlds and not Tinordi and it's not that big of a stretch to think that while Tinordi should end up in the NHL as a regular, Gallagher might never see this league.

But going back to the 1st round, it's all about who we got and what we gave for. We traded #27 and #57, for #22 and #113. I'm not too sure that Tinordi was that much ahead of guys like my favorite Jon Merrill (what a potential steal Jersey got with him....) Howden, Etem, Coyle, Pitlick etc... and Lindberg, Johns, McKegg for Tinordi. Good news is that it's possible that #113 pays off after all if he's able to put on some weight. Future will tell how great that decision was.

But again, IT HAS NOTHING to do with him being chosen or not.

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