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06-09-2005, 10:53 AM
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I'd say just practice your shot normally and in time you will be able to shoot high. I always see kids trying to shoot high or top shelf by flicking the puck. While this will work when you're right in front of the net when the goalie is down, it will be an easy save for the goalie otherwise. To do this I typically angle my blade face more open and have the puck closer in to my body using a flicking motion (all wrists).

As far as getting your wrist shot or snap shot higher I think just practicing your shot will help you. Make sure you are following through to your target and shifting your weight. In time you should begin to see the changes in your shot based on small adjustments (shifting weight, grip positions, shooting off toe or heel of blade, wrist shot/snap shot, etc.) and you will get the feel of shooting high or low. A good way to tell if you are shooting effectively/efficiently is to watch the puck in the air, if the puck is wobbling try to tinker with your technique. If the puck is stable and smooth in the air you are on your way to becoming a snipa

Hope that helps

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