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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
FWIW, goalies in general are easier to beat top shelf blocker side than glove side. The motion to get your elbow or hand up there just isn't as natural or fast as getting the trapper up.

I have noted in other threads (once under this user name and a couple of times as I am The Mush) that Bobrovsky's footwork once the puck goes behind his net is particularly bad, and he puts his paddle down way too often IMO (thus dropping his right shoulder and opening up the top shelf more). I would be willing to bet that it's something that changes in his game over time. Kari Lehtonen used to be the same way and got killed on it all the time.

Lundqvist is really good about sealing that top corner with his blocker elbow when he is sealing the post in the half butterfly. It looks awkward as hell when he's standing in that position, but I've never seen him close to getting beat on it so...
I agree with you 100% about BOB when the pucks behind him or at a very sharp angle.I really like the lad, he is a fine young goalie but that putting the stick paddle down at times drives me crazy!I see Boosh and Leighton do that too, and i guess Jeff Reese teaches that method ?For what its worth i have seen Lundqvist burnt twice this season high shortside at terrible angles, he looked pretty bad on both of them, although he is a heck of a goalie for sure.

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