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12-08-2010, 05:09 AM
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Crosby has had good wingers in the past and it's pretty convenient to ignore the fact he has Makin there on every PP and late in games.

Is it really hard to realise that they slowed down after years of wear and tear.
It was very clear with Gretzky that he was never quite the same after Suter's crosscheck screwed up his back and Mario had this whole cancer thing

The league tightening up had an effect of course but that was not the main reason nor did it have the biggest effect.
Mario's comeback season in 00/01 shows without a doubt that his health was the only thing holding him back not the "evolution" of the league.

What's more, you still have no logical reason under your "theories" why generation spanning players like Jagr, Lidstrom and Nieuwendyk were still top players no matter the "era".
Sorry, your crap simply don't fly sir.

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