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12-08-2010, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by CantSeeColors View Post
All true, but a) the way the team was built was to weather storms like that, and b) they could still go out and pick someone up if they're willing to make the contracts of Walker, Bartulis, Leighton/Boosh, and/or Lappy go away. The team is right at the cap, but it could easily get away from there.
The Flyers are uniquely positioned to weather storms like injuries to star players and still get enough scoring or D to win. And if need be, as you say, there are a lots of ways they can free up cap room easy to acquire someone.

Last year we lost our starting goalie to injury, picked up a waiver wire miracle in his place, had our backup carry us into the playoffs and through a series until the #1 was back. We also had Carter break his foot in March, Gagne break his toe, Carter came back and broke his other foot, and we still made it to the finals.

Teams like Pitt, Wash or Boston could not survive injuries like that to their top players. Malkin, Green or Chara go down and they are done. The Flyers can weather comparable losses because we aren't so dependent on a few players. Even if we lost a top F or D for an extended time, we have the depth to move someone up the roster.

And some of our kids are coming on. JVR is playing great. Nodl is making himself indispensible in the top 9. He's really contributing on offense, making nice passes and finishing his chances. I love Carcillo, but Nodl's strong play is keeping Powe out of the top 9 and Danny in the pressbox.

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