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10-07-2003, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by theoil
My question? How do you rate our coaching staff?
Here's what I see... but who knows really (given all of the behind-the scenes stuff)?

MacT - 6.5/10

Strengths: Getting the team game and the defensive system down.

Weaknesses: Trouble getting consistent play. Some times too much focus on certain areas, while others just fall apart (example - the defensive game when offense was a focus early last year). Special teams have been horrible all three years.

Moores - 3/10

Strengths: I've heard he's good with the kids and has a good mind for the game.

Weaknesses: If the powerplay was his responsibility in the past he's done a terrible job with it.

Huddy - 7/10

Strengths: Great guy to teach the defensemen. Seems to be a good communicator and there have been some players that have really improved their game while under his wing (Ferguson, S. Brown, Brewer, Semenov, Staios, Pisa)

Weaknesses: There are other players who didn't seem to do well under him (Poti, in particular... may be the only guy actually).

Simpson - To early to rank, but I will say that although he was an absolute homer with Sportsnet, I really valued what he had to say about systems. I'm glad he's not coaching Salo, because he always seemed to think that Tommy was never at fault. On the plus side, his job should be easy because a monkey could improve the Oilers' PP.

Peeters - Also too early to rank IMO. But if he actually had a hand in getting Salo in to shape, then the early results look good.

Overall - 7.5/10

The new additions seem to address previous weaknesses. Probably one of the toughest teams to coach because of the young players, the expectation of playing a run-and gun style with limited use of the trap, no true star players, and knowledgable fans that will hold you accountable.

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