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12-08-2010, 11:59 AM
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3 weeks ago (4?) I was getting back from an evening with friends. we timed to end our session around 12h30 AM so I have time to catch one of the last Henri-Bourassa metro toward Cote-Vertu, and then hop unto the last Berri-Uqam metro toward Longueuil (Live close to the metro Longueuil).

Since it's saturday evening, the timing is right.

I get there at 12h48, well before the last metro. I see people are waiting, so I tell myself this is a fresh departure, not one from Laval. Good. wait..

the lights don't appear. Eventually, at 12h55, an announcement tells us that something stops services on the orange line between HB and Berri-Uqam.

Okay. they keep repeating the message every 3 minutes (damnit). finally, FINALLY, at 1:15, the lights are up. I tell myself: "I have the time to make it to the last metro at Berri, at 1:30..."

Then there is a message telling us that this metro is gonna go toward Montmorency. *****!!! There is a shuttle service that will allow us to go toward Berri. Yhea, ***** thanks! If I had learned it 25 minutes before, I could have already taken a bus!

I ask the cashier what I should do, 'cause I LIVE IN LONGUEUIL. She tells me to ask the people at Berri. Okay, I take the bus. I ask the bus driver what I should do, he tells me to ask the people at Berri. I ask him if he could ask over the waves if there is an option, but he refuses.

He obviously stops at EVERY. FREAKING. STOP. (can't blame him here, but then again, I was tired and angry). Finally, we get at Berri-Uqam at 2AM. Obviously, the station's doors are all closed, it's impossible for me to ask ANYONE ANYTHING. So the only option for me is to pay for a frakking taxi.

I really hate these *****ing bureaucrats who really don't give a **** about your situation and just want to end your day, even if it means stranding you 30 kms away from your home, nowhere to go and when it's -5 degrees outside.

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