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Originally Posted by Murphy2
Curious to see Dr Moses rated so low with Brimsek & Worsley. Brimsek was an 8 time all-star and 2 time Vezina winner. Worsley was also a 2 time Vezina winner. Seems to me they'd be a pretty stout combination.
Agreed, I would move Dr Moses' team up a few spots.

Originally Posted by Murphy2
Outsider, while on the topic of peak value, puzzling to see the likes of Doug Weight above Rocket Richard, Kent Nilsson right there with him and Steve Duchense leading of all my defense?
I was a bit surprised by Richard's relatively low rating too, but there are a few reasons for that. First, he didn't get a lot of assists so even though he was an excellent goal-scorer, his low number of assists keeps his overall rating low (same thing happens for Charlie Conacher, Peter Bondra, Cam Neely, Tim Kerr, etc). Second, I think Richard's excellence was due more to consistency, rather than a few huge seasons. His best years are: 95, 90, 90, 87, 84, 83, 82, 80, 73, 69 and 68 points and 53, 52, 52, 52, 50, 49, 49, 40, 37, 35, 33, 32, 29 and 27 goals. Weight and (especially) Nilsson may have had a few huge seasons but they don't come close to Richard's consistent excellence year after year.

Peak Value, Goal-Scoring
Best 3 Years: Richard ranks 25th, averaging 52.4 goals
Best 5 years: Richard ranks 14th, averaging 51.8 goals
Best 7 years: Richard ranks 12th, averaging 51.1 goals
Best 10 years: Richard ranks 10th, averaging 47.0 goals
Best 15 years: Richard ranks 9th, averaging 40.9 goals

Richard was consistently excellent, and maintained this elite level of play over a long period of time.


Duchesne is pretty much tied with Blake and Pilotte, a difference a 2 or 3 points isn't significant. I was surprised to see him rank so high but he's had some excellent offensive seasons: 82 pts in 1993 (4th among defencemen), 75 pts in 1989 (2nd among defencemen), on pace for 66 during the lockout year (5th among defencemen) and a couple more seasons over 60 pts (both in the top 10); he was also 4th among defencemen in 1998. Duchesne did have the benefit of playing with some fantastic talents like Gretzky and Sakic, but so did Blake and Pilotte. Overall I would have to say that Duchesne is underrated offensively and his Peak Value ranking makes sense.

I do appreciate all the comments.

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