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12-08-2010, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by FreddyPuckRadio View Post
didn't hear it from me...
Continued Recruitment Failure! WHY?

Former STU recruiter identified one Reggie Traccitto ,who has just confirmed at UPEI, MONTHS ago, Brian Wright identified Traccitto and Eagles et al failed to act and now desperately desperate failed to impress Traccitto with enough for him to commit to STU.

Eagles has been responsible for the lack of a cogent,consistent recruiting presentation message for prospects with predictable results-NADA!

Recruiting just got worse at STU and I believe that in the absence of new leadership,those presently responsible will resort to overspending on possible recruits and once again attempt to make up for recruiting mistakes at Christmas break by doing so instead of putting in place a thoughtful,measured recruiting policy that adheres to all standards of operation so as not to price the program out of viability.

Eagles et al should NOT be responsible for this and how much longer is STU administration going to put up with this shame and his prognostications of where the program is,is going and how he is going to get it there.

His creditability out there is non-existent and this should be evident by now!

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