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Originally Posted by redwhiteandblue View Post
With ice time comes confidence, and with confidence, skilled players can take more chances (drop passes etc) and show what they bring.
Getting out for 10 minutes or less is tough on any player to get into the flow of the game.
I don't think this had as much to do with an injury as it did with the coach showing confidence in him, and thus his recent success
This is true, at the beg. of the season he was on the 4th line, at 1 point playing with Tootoo. Nothing against the fourth line guys but there was just no chemistry with SK and the lesser skilled guys. I remember specifically at 1 game I was at, SK made a crafty pass to one of the guys and the guy missed it because he was looking the wrong way. The puck went down the ice and was whistled for icing. The guy then looked back at SK and gave a roll of the head (I could see this from where I was sitting very well). You could see that the guy was thinking: just dump it in! ..Typically guys who see less ice time are just thinking to make safe plays, dump and chase, no turnover etc.. Where a guy like SK is constantly trying to make something happen with his skill. Thats why he was a waste playing under 10 min. a game with these kind of players....
Now we you guys are starting to see the creativity and skill that Canadiens fans saw from him when he was on his game. (watched many Canadiens games when he played there).

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