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10-07-2003, 03:30 PM
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MacT does little things that drive me crazy, like his ref treatment as momentai mentioned, or the nightly PARADE OF LARAQUE where he does diddly unless the Oilers are up by a goal and BG is asked by a young fighter for a chance to show his stuff. Edmonton has done more for budding fighters than anyone in the NHL.

I also despise his silly line juggling.

On the other hand, he's been exceptional at taking somewhat incomplete talents and putting them into a position to succeed. I *****ed and moaned about how he brought Horcoff along, but the fact is the Oilers have a pretty valuable player who probably is maxing his talent. He loses a couple of go to guys every summer and just finds a new guy to fill the hole.

I'm especially impressed with his handling of Ales Hemsky, Alexei Semenov and Mike Comrie. He recognized their talent levels, and accentuated them. Guys like me rip him for giving Comrie the best wingers, but kudos to him for realizing Comrie could put up 60 goals if given those assets.

I think he'd do better with a more established team, but overalll the Oilers have benefited from his leadership imo.

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