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12-08-2010, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
Looking a little deeper into it, I can maybe understand the long term aspects of it, but Richards has been an elite scorer and is only 30, so he'll be around for a few more years. Burns is a young, first pair defenseman, and the obvious keeper for defenseman on your team, so I don't understand why you would dump him off like that for young prospect potential, especially if he's playing so well.
I don't want to keep Richards on my team after this season. I'm generally leery of player 30 or above and for w/e reason any player above the age of 30 seems like trying to trade horse **** because no one is ever willing to give good value for a player over 30. I can't even get someone to offer anything decent for Rafalski in another keeper league.

Still too many question marks with Burns and he only seems like a 40 point d-man right now. Only reason I would keep Burns is because it's required to keep one d-man. Otherwise, I'd let him go.

Fourty point d-men aren't hard to find even if they are good assets. At least with Fowler there's good potential to be even better then Burns.

Anyways, I was just trying to get rid of Richards and get a keeper d-man back. Nobody was offering ****, my season seems to be going down the gutter (which I predicted at the start of the season by the way), and I was getting tired of it all. So I just went the easy way out and grabbed two of the best young guys out there.

So you can veto it if you want. I don't really care either way.

Originally Posted by triqsix View Post
nothing wrong with that approach, i guess, but you have to prepare to answer from other owners. looking at it, yeah those two kids are going to be good but it as lopsided as it can get in terms of points/potential for points.

and i didnt know you were trying to trade richards? if this gets veto'ed send me an offer i wont give you what he did lol but why would i want him?

edit: in concise terms, richards is a keeper. burns is a keeper. why trade them for prospects who MIGHT be worth it?
I posted several times over several weeks that Richards is available.

Richards is a keeper that's 30. 30, for me, is the cutoff age for when you can get a good return for a player from my experience. It's also the age where I start to get leery of injuries and regression.

Burns being a keeper is kind of arguable. There's plenty of 40 point d-men out there and, personally, I don't think 40 point d-men are keeper worthy in the first place. So if I have to keep a d-man it might as well be a young guy like Fowler since no one will trade me a Green or a Doughty type player.

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