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12-08-2010, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by nK View Post
Lightening fast skaters? You're not talking about LA right? Williams, Brown and Richardson have speed, but are never mentioned when talking about the real speed demons of the NHL. LA misses Visnovsky alot because he was always finding Kopitar just around center ice with great break out passes that Kopitar got while at full speed. Since his trade I have seen ALOT of passes in the skates and I can understand why our forwards tend to slow down to take a pass from our dmen.

Speed and speed with the puck are two different things. Pavel Bure and Selanne had speed AND speed with the puck. Some players can flat out fly, but have trouble going at top speed with the puck. Simmonds skates ok but with the puck he seems to labour.
And exactly this is a coaching issue.
If this would be a player issue why didn't the GM just react over the last 5 years ????
I'm pretty sure a player on NHL level trained for 20 year in hockey is able to make a pass over 10 feet.
But if you watch the game it's always the same. The player never have top speed. They skate a slow as they can recieve a pass and try to speed up. Of course it's easy to defend these plays and force the players to send the puck into the boards.
This our 5vs5 problem... this is why we don't score.
No creativity, no speed, not well trained passes no nothing.....
and Murray always agrees to these issues...........
Every time an interview is made me answers with same crap "we did the small things right"

Well.................... **** off............. this is an NHL team. You can do the small things right on a Peewee team. We have all the talent in the world. With a this gift given we need the best facilities to practice, the best doctors to heal, the best coaches to train.
But we have guys who are doing the small things right.
Excuse me........ i think this is the reason why we don't have any idea where to store more Stanley Cups because we have so many.

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