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12-08-2010, 07:18 PM
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Handedness?! Better at some things with one, others with other.

Im a right handed player, could never be anything but never thought of even picking a stick up left handed, feels far more comfortable, stickhandlings ok, passing ok, and my wristshot is damn good (shame about my awful skating, be it ice or roller).

But the other day I blew out my stick messing about on the park (it was slightly icy, not enough for skates, but the puck went well so we figured we'd go out, theres never any real chance to shoot on ice apart from rinks in england) didnt have spare with me, so used my brothers spare (he's left handed), and found that my slapshot was twice as good left handed (couldnt wrist it at all), I mean, wtf, i dont understand, my right hand is twice as strong, can throw hander by a mile with it, although i would consider im ambidextrous with catching and throwing.

Anyone else have this, any clue why, or anyone else do some stuff better right handed, some stuff left handed?

Only reason i can concoct is that my brothers stick is jeff carter-esque as he's 6'3'' (at 15 the freak) and im only 5'11'', so maybe get more power on it?

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